For its 66th edition, the famous Swiss film festival inLocarno has invited a total of four productions which were made with support from Film- und Medienstiftung NRW. ¨Vijay and I" by Sam Garbarski will have its world premiere on the Piazza Grande, the heart of the festival, where audiences of up to 8,000 enjoy the films each evening as open-air presentations. Sandra Nettelbeck’s ¨Mr. Morgan’s Last Love„will also be shown on the Piazza as an international premiere. In addition, the documentary ¨The Tundra Race" by René Harder has been invited to screen in the Semaine de la critique, and Visar Morina’s „¨Von Hunden und Tapeten" is showing in the Short Films Competition.

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On June 27th, Bruno Julliard, Deputy Mayor in charge of culture, and Christian Vivès, Director of Paris ERDF, signed the charter for filming in Paris according to which the use of temporary electric connections is encouraged and made easier. This permits filming crews to restrict the use of generators, which limits sound and environmental nuisances. The City of Paris and ERDF thus aim at facilitating the reception of filming crews and preserving the quality of life of the Parisians, while reducing the city environmental footprint.
ERDF, a public service company in charge of supplying electricity to 95% of the French metropolitan territory, teams up with the City for the success of the Climate Plan.

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Ridley Scott-produced Child 44 directed by Daniel Espinosa and produced by Scott Free Productions, Prague’s Stillking Films, Summit Entertainment and Worldview Entertainment started its 75-day shoot in June. Featuring a stellar cast including Tom Hardy, Gary Oldman, and Noomi Rapace, the story is set in the Soviet Union during the Stalin era, where a disgraced Soviet military police officer investigates a series of child murders.

Another important international production starting in June in Prague is season three of the papal period drama Borgia.

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Malta is today a diversified economy. With new growth drivers establishing in Malta such as financial services, remote gaming and other legacy sectors such as manufacturing and tourism, the creativity sector which caters 4% of Malta's GDP growth is fast becoming an economic right in its own right. The film industriy remains at the centre of this new and evolving sector with Malta being an established yet not fully discovered filming location.

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The 13th of March may become a major turning point in European construction and a scandalous one.

That was the day the European Commission, under the leadership of Commissionner Karel de Gucht, decided to trample on the cultural exception and adopted a draft negotiation mandate that includes audiovisual and film services into the EU-US trade discussions to start this summer.

Find the petition HERE.

Read more: The Culturale Exception is non negotiable!


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