Malta is today a diversified economy. With new growth drivers establishing in Malta such as financial services, remote gaming and other legacy sectors such as manufacturing and tourism, the creativity sector which caters 4% of Malta's GDP growth is fast becoming an economic right in its own right. The film industriy remains at the centre of this new and evolving sector with Malta being an established yet not fully discovered filming location.

For over 88 years the Maltese islands have hosted some of the most renowend film makers in the world. Since 1925 when the first film was shoot in Malta 'Sons of the Sea', Malta has welcomed over 100 feature films entirely or partially. Malta has captured the imagination of some of the world's top producers portraying Malta as a double for a myriad of locations and spanning from the modern times to ancient civilisations of Greece, Rome and Egypt to the 1960s.

The financial incentives introduced by the Maltese Government in 2005 help to draw a significant traffic despite stiff competition. Financial incentives are considered to be an attractive package for film makers with Maltese Government recently giving a further stimulus to the financial incentives raising them from 23% to a maximum of 25% if Malta is used to stand in as Malta. 'We are working hard to assist production companies to maximise their rebate in a way that creates economic turnaround for Malta. Depending on how much is spent in Malta, producers get reimbursed with a percentage of the original spending' explains Peter Busuttil, Malta Film Commissioner. The island's diversity, scenary and smallness packaged with the right financial incentives give film makers a good deal and a unique experience.

Since the launch of finanical assistance, the Maltese Government have assisted 69 productions refunding an estimate 27 million euro on rebates. The total amount spent by producers is estimated to reach 170 million euro.

For more information you may wish to contact the Malta Film Commisison on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




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